Wellness coaching

It is common knowledge today that a high percentage of health problems are at least partially related to life style. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, even dementia and many other diseases can either be prevented or managed through appropriate life style choices. Losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking, moderate alcohol use, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy work/play/rest balance all effect our physical and emotional well-being.

Yet, many people fine it extremely difficult to change bad habits despite sincere good intentions. This is where a Wellness Coach can be very helpful. As wellness coaches we partner with our clients to help them clarify goals, create strategies to meet those goals and overcome barriers to the achievement of healthy outcomes. The encouragement and accountability that we provide can make the difference between “trying” and “doing”. Our coaching is done on the telephone and through emails, so we can work with people anywhere in the country or in the world, for that matter.

Services offered

The Tillotson Group is committed to helping their clients be better equipped to make choices that align with their values and goals. All of our services are designed to help our clients achieve a richer quality of life. Our services include:

• Individual Life Coaching
• Relationship Coaching
• High School/College Student Coaching
• Wellness Coaching
• Marital and Pre-Marital Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Blended /Step Family Counseling
• Divorce Counseling
• Women’s Issues Counseling
• Co-Dependency Counseling
• DISC Behavior Assessment
• Personal Interests, Attitudes & Values Assessment
• Attributes Index Assessment
• Prepare/Enrich Assessment


The Professional and Personal Coaches Association provide the following definition of professional coaching: “Professional coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on clients taking action toward the realization of their visions, goals, or desires. Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build the client’s level of awareness and responsibility, and provides the client with structure, support, and feedback.”
As trained coaches, the Tillotsons help their clients to identify goals and then elicit solutions and strategies for achieving those goals. Examples of goals worked on in coaching are:
•    reduce stress,
•    increase productivity,
•    achieve more balance in life,
•    increase job satisfaction.
Coaching focuses on the gap between where the client is and where he/she would like to be. While counseling or therapy involves bringing the client from dysfunction to function, coaching involves helping the client move from functional to higher functioning. This is accomplished by providing accountability, clarification, support, and powerful inquiry. Basically, a coach partners with clients to help them have the life they want.
The Tillotsons do the bulk of their coaching by phone. Hundreds of coaches have found this method to be as effective as face-to-face interaction, and it provides excellent time efficiency as well as confidentiality.
The fee for coaching services is $400 per month. This fee covers 4 half-hour coaching calls. Clients may also make brief calls in between sessions to ask a question, get support, or share a success. The coach will respond to all e-mails from the client and will use e-mail as a way of making relevant written materials available to the client.