Wellness coaching

It is common knowledge today that a high percentage of health problems are at least partially related to life style. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, even dementia and many other diseases can either be prevented or managed through appropriate life style choices. Losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking, moderate alcohol use, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy work/play/rest balance all effect our physical and emotional well-being.

Yet, many people fine it extremely difficult to change bad habits despite sincere good intentions. This is where a Wellness Coach can be very helpful. As wellness coaches we partner with our clients to help them clarify goals, create strategies to meet those goals and overcome barriers to the achievement of healthy outcomes. The encouragement and accountability that we provide can make the difference between “trying” and “doing”. Our coaching is done on the telephone and through emails, so we can work with people anywhere in the country or in the world, for that matter.