Say YES to Aging (Tuesday 1-26-2010 8 p.m. EST — $10.00)

All too often people’s strategy for dealing with potentially difficult life situations is based on denial, avoidance, and hope. In our work with the elderly and their families we observe the tragic consequences of such a strategy. By accepting the realities of aging, on-going planning is better accomplished, proactive choices lead to sustained mental and physical wellness, and a process for communication about complex emotions can be developed. When people can learn to age intentionally, they are able to maintain a genuine sense of empowerment and dignity.
Tele-class on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. EST —  cost:  $10.00.  Contact The Tillotson Group via email or phone (904 471 5623).  Once you have paid for your class you will be given a bridge line phone number and a pin number to participate in the class.